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Hawaiian Dog Fanciers Guidelines for Responsible Breeders

  1. All dogs shall be kept under sanitary conditions and shall be given maximum health protection through regular veterinary care, inoculations, adequate exercise and proper nutrition. Dogs shall be provided with a safe and secure environment at all times.
  2. All breeders shall keep accurate and complete personal records of breedings, litters, pedigrees and puppy owners' names, addresses and phone numbers.
  3. All puppies leaving the breeder's possession shall be a minimum of seven (7) weeks of age.
  4. All breeders of purebred dogs shall breed to conform to the American Kennel Club's Standard of Excellence for their breed and only from quality, healthy stock.
  5. Breeders will screen for inherited diseases as known for their breed.
  6. Breeders shall provide the puppy buyer with written details of feeding, general care, dates and types of inoculations and wormings, grooming instructions, training resources, etc., and be available to offer future advice as needed.
  7. Breeders will not sell or consign puppies or adult dogs to pet stores, puppy brokers or other commercial dealers.
  8. All dogs will be sold with written contracts with specifications, guarantees or restrictions. The contract will ensure that the breeder will be contacted if an owner can no longer keep the dog at any time in the dog's life and that the breeder will find a new home for the dog.
  9. All puppies not of show or breeding quality will be sold on a spay/neuter contract with an AKC Limited Registration.
  10. Bitches will not be bred before or after such age as is customary for their breed as outlined by the Parent Club's guidelines. Only healthy, mature dogs will be bred and the breeder will allow proper, healthful spacing between litters.
  11. Breeders will permit stud service only to quality, healthy bitches, appropriately screened for inherited diseases; owned by individuals who give satisfactory evidence that they will give these puppies proper care and attention and who are in agreement with these guidelines for responsible breeders.
  12. Prospective buyers should be screened as thoroughly as possible to determine their desire and ultimate intent for each puppy or dog, and also for their interest and ability to provide a safe, adequate and loving home for each puppy or dog acquired.
  13. All dogs will be provided with appropriate socialization and training to become good companion animals.
  14. All dog owners and breeders will obey all laws and ordinances of the community pertaining to dogs.
  15. Any advertising - oral or written - shall be factual and not worded so as to attract undesirable buyers or encourage the raising of purebred dogs for profit.
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